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Spencer invests in emergency solutions since 1989, facing the difficult challenges that the delicate and dynamic EMS market puts us every day with a lot of commitment, passion and quality.

Spencer is present in a capillary way all over the world, with diversified and highly innovative productive realities and with customer-facing services at the forefront.

The characteristic of being a productive company ensures, thanks to the numerous quality certifications, a range of more than 1,700 products, effectively covering the emergency, medical and funeral sectors.

When we talk about safety, quality is not an option, it is the minimum requirement necessary to endure over time.

We will reach and exceed the expectations of an always more competent and demanding customer portfolio, face and solve ever more complex emergencies, demonstrate the superior quality of our products.

A constant relationship with customers and operators manages to grow quality, thus nourishing the true soul of innovation.

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